Now building PlantingSpace and participating in Polkadot Network.

I spend the majority of my time on PlantingSpace - a project with big ambitions - creating a framework for composition of all data and algorithms known to us, which could help us to leverage them better. This can hopefully bring us a step closer towards AI and the understanding of our own cognition.

I am also helping out with Open Reviews Association, where I developed the initial standard and infrastructure to enable more open sharing of insights.

Recently I have invested in a few great projects like ElevenLabs and Enso along the theme of AI and knowledge representation, let me know if you are working on something interesting in that area that needs support!

Previously I co-founded the Polkadot Network and built/ran the organisation which supports it - Web3 Foundation. The Foundation does fundamental research (cryptography, algorithms, networking, economics), works with development teams, provides grants, educates, and develops the community (e.g. via events like Web3 Summit) around decentralised web protocols.

Before starting the Web3 Foundation I worked at Parity Technologies on decentralised protocols with both public and consortium applications in mind. I primarily worked on consensus algorithms, coming up with a simple consensus algorithm Aura and smart contract-based validator selection mechanism, both of which have been used for many live applications. I also worked on privacy/confidentiality preserving protocols.

I also spent some time at BlueCrest Capital developing financial risk technology, at building one of the most popular legitimate Bitcoin use-cases, and at BAE Systems designing and creating a proof of concept tactical mesh network for the Morpheus Programme.

At the University of Oxford, I worked in the Machine Learning Research Group under Frank Wood. I used a new approach to machine learning based on probabilistic programming (Anglican language) to explore procedural knowledge representation and build a factoid question answering system. Before that, I worked on designing a process for saving the essence of human brain digitally.

Otherwise, at Oxford, I spent a bunch of time learning about and discussing philosophy with friends and at Socrates Society or Jowett Society.

In high school and before I spent a lot of time on physics, doing various projects as part of Krajowy Fundusz na rzecz Dzieci such as analysing binary stars, measuring properties of conductive polymer films, building, and using laser Doppler velocimeter.